A Safe Return to the Studio

We thank you for your patience and support throughout this uncertain time and we are confident that with everyone’s co-operation we can safely welcome students back when the current guidance allows. Creating a fun, friendly and safe learning environment for our students will always be at the forefront of all our decisions.

How we are operating in-person classes:


  • No student who is showing symptoms or has been in contact with anyone showing symptoms of COVID-19 in the last 10 days will be permitted into the studio.   

  • The studio, stairs and entrance hall will be misted with disinfectant between all class groups and cleaning of all high touch areas.

  • Doors and windows will remain open, weather permitting, to improve ventilation and only teachers will touch the doors.

  • No adults other than teachers to be permitted in the building. Except Pre-School and Tiny toes where one adult per student will be admitted and they must adhere to all the regulations listed.

  • We recommend students over the age of 11 and adults wear a face covering at all times in the entrance and corridors. 

  • One parent only per student to wait outside a minimum of 2m apart when dropping-off/ collecting.

  • Where possible, we request parents and students do not use public transport to travel to or from the studio.

  • Students are to travel to class with members from their own household only.

  • Separate spaces will be designated per student for outside clothes/shoes which will not be permitted out of the foyer.

  • Hand washing will be implemented on arrival, departure and throughout the session where required. 

  • Paper towels are available in place of hand towels.

  • Hand sanitizer available for use throughout the session and between classes where required.

  • Dance shoes must always be worn in the studio, no bare feet and shoes should not be worn at home or outside.

  • Props, equipment and acro mats will not be shared and cleaned after every use.

Watch our video for more information

If your child exhibits any of the COVID-19 symptoms after attending a class, they must be taken for a test as soon as practically possible and you must inform us immediately.  As soon as the test result is known you must update us.  We will inform all students parents by email that have had contact and keep them updated of the results when known.

There is the option of online Zoom classes for all students at any point. If you would prefer to start the term online and remain online until you are happy to return to the studio this option is available. Equally, if your child returns to classes and at any point is required to isolate at home, the option to join the class remotely is available so they do not miss their class. There are additional online safeguarding procedures in place and these will be discussed with any student and parent joining in remotely, other students in the studio at the time will not be in view of the camera.

We have completed an additional comprehensive COVID-19 specific risk assessment, in addition to our regular risk assessment, for the reopening of the studio and will continue to monitor and adjust the procedures as required. We will continue to follow all official guidelines set out by the government and our regulatory bodies. All staff are health and safety and child protection trained and have undergone training in the prevention of COVID-19 and the safe return to dance studios.