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Peter Pan JR Consent Form

Submit this form to give consent for your child to perform in the academy production of Peter Pan JR at the Layard Theatre, Canford school on Saturday 30th July 2022. 

Rehearsal and Show Dates (Timing TBC)

Sunday 24th July 2022 - Dress rehearsal @ The Studio, Blandford 
Friday 29th July 2022 - Technical Rehearsal @ Layard Theatre, Wimborne
Saturday 30th July 2022 - Show Day @ Layard Theatre, Wimborne

Payment Plan
Basic payment plan includes: 1x Costume hire charge (£15), show t-shirt (£10), professional show recording digital download (£16), 2x extra rehearsal days (£14)

£15 deposit due by 31st December 2021
£20 second instalment due by 31st March 2022
£20 Final payment due by 30th June 2022

Please note, if your child takes more than one class there will be an additional £15 costume hire charge per subject taken, this will be spread out across the second instalment and the final payment. If your child is successful in their audition for a main character role this will also be subject to an additional £15 costume hire charge. 

Students Grade
Classes they attend. Each class will be a separate number in the show and therefore subject to a £15 charge per class for costume hire. Any student selected for a main role will also require an additional character costume which will be an additional charge.
Size of t-shirt /costume required (July 2022)

By signing below I agree that my child will be able to attend all compulsory rehearsals and give full commitment to the show. I understand that if my child is not able to perform in the show, for whatever reason I will forfeit any monies paid.


Also, any video footage, pictures or photographic material (being taken by an appointed member/representative of the school) may be used by the school for promotional purposes on the school website, press, social networking and also for the DVD release for every participating parents use.


I agree as the person with parental responsibility to the above;

Thanks for submitting!

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