Birthday parties for Teens


What happens at our Birthday Parties for Teens?


We have fun!  As well as:

  • Learning amazing dance routines to music that you love

  • Getting to choose from our ever expanding portfolio or tracks to dance to

  • From classic 80s to current tracks

  • Having fun with friends – boys and girls

  • Being active

  • Rehearse for a mini-performance



Popdance parties can be tailored to suit your needs – however, these are our most popular packages:

A 1 hour birthday party – a pure solid hour of dance, leaving you then free to go to a restaurant or elsewhere for your food
A 2 hour birthday party which consists of 1 and a half hours of dance with 30 minutes for food and cake (food and cake to be supplied by yourselves)

These packages include:

  • Warm up routines

  • A simple to follow choreographed routine chosen by you from our ever expanding portfolio

  • Rehearse and perform the final routine (to parents if desired)

  • Downloadable party invites

  • Popdance bag


Our parties DO NOT include venue hire – there are many venues available for parties, from dance studios, to community centres, school halls to sports centres.  If you need any help finding a venue, just give us a shout.




1 hour party: £125.00

2 hour party: £155.00