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Uniform is such an important part of our Academy, it helps the students feel like they are a part of something special and stand proud.

All our uniform options are high quality, super soft, durable modern fabrics that are designed to work with the dancer and last longer.  

We are proud to have designed a bespoke uniform that flows across the all the disciplines.  There are compulsory examination uniform items but with optional extras to swap in and out depending on time of year, age or class.

Split Sole Leather Ballet Shoes

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Product Details
Brand: Bloch

For Senior Ballet students from Grade 4 and above. 

* The Odette leather ballet shoes from Bloch
* Lightweight and comfortable split sole ballet flats with an elastic binding
* Pre-sewn elastics, no drawstring
* Material: Leather
* Sole: Split leather
* Lining: Cushioned insole
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