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You are invited to try Ballet

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Starting your child on their dance journey is exciting and full of wonder.  Let us take them through their first steps and beyond, with our passion and dedication to the best training and support the PATA family can provide.
All our classes have a 4 week trial, so that each student gets a good feel for the classes, the studio and their teachers. 

Tiny Toes

18 months to 2.5 Years
Fridays 10:00-10:30

Does your little one love to giggle and wiggle?  Bring them along for a dance class to inspire their creativity and have lots of fun dancing to their favourite songs!

A parent supported class with a fun mix of dance styles, nursery rhymes and lots of props to inspire creativity and movement through music.

The class supports the development of fine and gross motor skills, balance and flexibility and a sense of wonder and imagination.

Pre-School Dance

2.5 -4 Years
Fridays 9:30-10:00 Saturdays 9:00-9:30

This is an introductory dance class and is designed to begin building your child's confidence, independence and skills required for dance, whilst inspiring them to explore and express their creativity and have lots of fun.


Parents attend with their child but children are encouraged to dance with their friends and teachers.

Pre-school dancers are also invited to perform in all of our shows.

Mini Ballet and Boys Ballet

Reception to Year 1

Saturdays 9:45, Saturday 10:45 and Thursdays 4:00 pm


Drop off and Leave


A half hour class full of fun, feathers and friends.  Finding their independence for the first time and learning through play and movement.  They master their fine and gross motor skills, learn to balance with confidence, listen for rhythms and tells stories with their imagination.

We introduce the Royal Academy of Dance Ballet syllabus to begin building technique.  

Junior Ballet
Primary to Grade 1


Approximately Year 2 - Year 4
Saturdays 12pm and Thursdays 4:30pm

This hour class makes these students start to feel like proper dancers!  A more focused approach to learning key techniques that are the foundations and building blocks to the higher grades.  As ballet improves posture, general health and co-ordination, as this level we are giving them more opportunity for expression and communication through music and movement.

From Junior level, students have the option to take their Royal Academy of Dance Ballet exams. 

Intermediate Ballet
Grade 2-3


Approximately Year 5 - Year 7

Thursdays 6pm

Moving into more technical work and a disciplined environment, students are supported in learning basic anatomy, alongside Pilates principals and exercises, to improve technique, build strength and prevent injury. By this level students will have a good knowledge of Ballet technique and terminology and begin exploring traditional character dances from Russia, Ukraine.  

Advanced Ballet
Grade 4+

Approximately Year 8+
Thursday 7-8:30pm

Reaching grade 4 and above within the Royal Academy of Dance syllabus students will demonstrate an increase in technical ability, creativity and skill. 


At this stage, with a good knowledge of safe practice and the strength and discipline required they can begin to explore pointe work and vocational grades.  Designed primarily for those considering a career in professional dance, vocational exams have a strong focus on technique and ability. Students can also gain UCAS points towards their university applications through the RAD higher grades exam framework. 

Our girls started their dance classes when they were probably not even 4yrs old.. since then they expanded their interest in nearly every other class like acro, tap, musical theatre, acting, singing & they both love it 😍 If they could, they would do every one of them 😜.. they love their teachers but mainly they love to perform & found great friends there, not just their own age but either in younger or older kids. So definitely great time to spend, learn & interact 🤩👍xx
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