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PATA Boys is all about encouraging and empowering boys to come into dance early and stick with it!

With two great dance styles to demonstrate how dance can enrich and support their growth and development.

Ballet for those in Reception to year 1 and Commercial for those in Year 2 to Year 4.

We want to break the stigma of dance and give the boys a safe environment with like minded friends to be creative, musical, imaginative, whilst building key life skills, strength, flexibility, confidence and resilience.

This in no way means boys can not attend any of our other classes, they are absolutely open to everyone and we would love more boys in our mixed classes.  However, we recognise this isn't always something some boys are comfortable doing.


This is just the start for PATA Boys, we want to go further and support more age groups and keep pushing the advantages of dance and performance skills and provide a great platform for them to go on and succeed further.

The Offer

Especially designed , so that each student gets a good feel for the classes and the studio.  

PATA boys Ballet
Mini (Reception to Year 1) 

Saturdays 10:45 -11:15

Introduction to dance and ballet techniques using fun games and props for an interactive start to their dance journey.  

PATA boys Commercial Jazz
Junior (Year 2 - Year 4)

Fridays 4:00 - 5:00pm

They will be introduced to Jazz and Commercial style dance.  Mixed with fun warm ups and games allowing for self expression and exploration of rhythm, movement and musicality, 

Our girls started their dance classes when they were probably not even 4yrs old.. since then they expanded their interest in nearly every other class like acro, tap, musical theatre, acting, singing & they both love it 😍 If they could, they would do every one of them 😜.. they love their teachers but mainly they love to perform & found great friends there, not just their own age but either in younger or older kids. So definitely great time to spend, learn & interact 🤩👍xx
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