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Back Stage Crew

What it takes to be part of the support crew on one of our shows.

What do you need to know as a volunteer and what will it be like?


I will start of with the following caveat…

We cannot put on a show without significant help.  We wish we didn’t need help, but we do and it is absolutely essential.

So what job roles do we need help with?


This is the most important task.  This is a legal requirement and with over 80 students participating and 2 show days, we need lots of help.

The good thing is that is it a pretty straightforward role!  As it says in our job description of this role:

To supervise an assigned group of children during an allocated time slot.  

The reality is much more fun, you get to be a part of the show day, you get to be part of the excitement back stage, see how a show runs, be there for the students and help them with their costumes and makeup.  There will also be a lead chaperone that you will report to.  They will handle any issues and give out all the signing sheets. But you get to be part of the PATA family at the best time.  And please don't forget our boys! We need male chaperones for our lads too!

To become a Chaperone, you do have to do a little bit of training through the council and obtain a licence from them.  You will apply here a minimum of 6 weeks prior to the show dates. You will be issued with your chaperone licence and DBS clearance at the end of the process. This is at zero cost to us or to you.

For all volunteers you will be issued a job spec and invited to a meeting over Easter to go through what is required in full.



Again you need a chaperone licence to do these following jobs, as you will be around the students and responsible for them whilst they are with you waiting to go on stage, on the stage and until you hand them back to their assigned chaperone.

Stage Hand - keeping the props moving on and off stage, making sur the students have what they need to go on stage with, bringing in the flies (the curtains) and generally responsible for the health and safety of the wings and stage.   You also get the best view!

Runners – These are the go betweeners, collecting and dropping off the students where they need to be at the right times.  High pressured, so you need to be organised and have a cool head!  You also need a spares kit of hairs pins, safety pins, plasters and elastic bands!

Stage Hands –

Mics – Responsible for making sure the correct children have the correct number mic, that they are on and positioned correctly.  Not a job to fall asleep on otherwise we may just hear a student doing something backstage we would rather not!

Photographers assistant

On the Saturday the photographer will come in to take photos of all the students, group and individual.  The assistant, makes sure all the children have their photos taken and are ready and waiting.  You will be given everything you need, so there is nothing to worry about, but with over 80 students to photograph, this is a large undertaking and delays are not an


Front of House

The smooth operation of tickets scanning and programme selling!

You are the face of the Academy and welcome all audience members in, scan their tickets and most of all encourage the purchase of programmes.  Show people where the toilets are etc….

Close the doors at the start of the show and be ready to open them for the interval and at the end of the show as well.


If all this sounds like fun, then please make sure you have signed up on Band and we look forward to working with you all in July!!

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