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What Are the differences between Gymnastics and Acro?

Updated: Jan 15

The simple answer is, there are LOTS of differences!

Skill building

In short, Gymnastics is a sport; Acro Dance is an art form

Gymnasts train on a sprung-floor, with actual springs built into the mats: a forgiving surface to repeatedly practice advanced tumbling passes on over and over again. 

Acro Dancers perform on a hard stage, and must train the body to withstand the impact of the floor. Dancers don’t get the “rebound” action out of a hard floor like gymnasts do out of a spring-floor. Therefore, dancers train to get the necessary lift from their bodies, and emphasis on a strong “hub” (hips, glutes, core) is a must. 

Group Balance

Acro Dance is an art form specifically designed for dancers.

Acro has softer, more lyrical-looking lines, with emphasis on lengthening “through” the tricks and holding beautiful balances with interesting variations. The focus is on seamlessly blending acrobatics with dance, and avoiding obvious preparations before each trick.

The Bridge, one of the most fundamental skills

Because Gymnastics and Acro Dance are two different techniques, they require different training regimes. 

Dancers that take Acro become stronger, safer, and more diverse dancers, which will, in turn, create more impressive, exciting, and artistic dancing.

Building difficulty with support and careful guidance

To trial one of our acro classes follow the link below!

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