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Boys Dance Too!

Updated: Nov 21, 2023

Boys in Dance and the Performing Arts

We recognise the struggles that male dancers have to face, fighting the stigmas and outdated stereotypes that still exist and still see low levels of boys coming through our school, in any of our subjects and we want to turn that around.

We celebrate the strength, athleticism and dedication of all dancers, regardless of gender, but still see a huge gap between female and male dancers in all styles of dance at school age and so we want to empower boys at a young age to try out that dance class they’ve been wanting to try.

Why we LOVE Dance especially for Boys

Let’s start with Ballet, like other dance forms, allows students to express sides of themselves that they might not otherwise be able to show. For some, it might be an artistic streak they are just waiting to awaken, and for others, it may be a boost in confidence that they need.

Boys in ballet hold an especially key role as well. Without them, the show truly could not go on. The partnering required in ballet is not only a great demonstration of strength, endurance, and physicality, but also necessary in order to execute the impressive work that we see on stage. The men highlight the women and allow them to do things that the audience is not only amazed by, but maybe never thought possible.

Dance is a great wait to channel emotions – something which boys traditionally have not been taught to do. Ballet is renowned for its discipline, but it will also instil a good work ethic, resilience, perseverance, commitment, team work, creativity and self-motivation.

Acro and Commercial is where strength and flexibility meet freedom to express yourself. Building Acro skills into your dance is like having a super power! It adds another dimension, another weapon to your arsenal of impressive moves. Incredible flips and tricks give you the athleticism of a gymnast mixed with the power and musicality of dance. It is so effective and now one of the fasted growing dance forms. Acro and Commercial jazz is seen in all the latest music videos, musical films and stage productions like Newsies, it is now almost a requirement to be able to do Acro skills and having a commercial style when auditioning for parts whatever the platform.

And talking of stage and screen, Musical Theatre is truly the big three; singing, dancing and acting. All are required to a high standard, but most people have one particular strength. Training in all three, gives you so many transferable skills as a performer and enormous potential across all platforms. In our classes we focus on Musical Theatre Jazz as the main dance form, but we always encourage multiple dance classes so that you have lots of techniques under your belt.

And let’s face it, some of the best known male actors on our screens started off on the stage, who doesn’t love Wolverine aka Hugh Jackman! He is an accomplished musical theatre artist, he is so versatile, tap dancer, musical theatre jazz dancer, singer and boy can he act! He has the ability to transition fluidly between stage and screen acting which have huge differences in demands on an actor! Eddie Redmayne, Tom Holland, Luke Evans, Channing Tatum, Josh Gad, Daniel Radcliff, the list literally goes on and on!!!!! Let’s not forget Strictly Come Dancing right now, we have Layton Williams, an amazing Musical Theatre star, television actor and owner of Pros from the Shows. What an incredible performer! He is no stranger to trolls and bullies, but his support network is bigger and stronger, just as is his passion for his craft. Something to be admired and celebrated. The more we push away the haters, the more we can ensure more boys can do what they love too!

Don’t like dance and not fond of singing, but love the idea of those big Hollywood blockbusters? Or maybe they just needs some extra confidence to speak up in front of others? Then an acting class could be for them!

Acting for stage or screen brings a whole world of transferable skills to you. Drama develops confidence that sets students up for life where students learn to communicate clearly and collaborate effectively with others in a safe environment. Acting empowers students to be active learners, who are able to confidently vocalise their thoughts and opinions. Analytical and reflective skills are required to examine scripts and study characters in detail, while narrative skills are honed in devising stories and plays. Critical thinking and time-management are developed along the way, with the ability to give and receive constructive feedback on such aspects as body language, expression, and voice. All of which can enhance self-presentation awareness, crucial skills for both work and exam success and instil confidence in students, laying the foundations for them to perform and speak in public without fear - a valuable asset in any career.

So help us to encourage more boys into dance and the performing arts at a younger age and stick to it! We want to know what is stopping boys from coming to dance and performance classes and what we can do to help create an environment that they want to come and feel safe and free to develop new skills, have new opportunities and to build strength and resilience.

How do you feel we can support your child into dance and performing arts?

What would appeal, what would encourage them and you as parents to begin their journey?

Want to start a trial in a boy’s only class in the New Year or any of other classes, head over to our classes and get involved today!!

Before you go, can you spare us 2 mins to complete a quick poll??? 🥰🙌

1. What is the most common reason boys won’t come to a mixed dance class?

2. What would draw your child into a dance/performing arts class

3. Type of Dance classes your child would be interested in if a boy’s only version was available?

Please click on the link below and let’s change mind-sets! 🤸


We asked one of our current male students to answer a few questions for us about his experience of classes and why he loved them:

How long have you been dancing?

Almost 5 years.

Why did you come to your first class and what was it?

I had been in a panto the year before and some of the cast were tap dancing and I wanted to do it. I also wanted to get involved in the arts and started other classes too.

What do you love about Performing Arts?

I have a big passion for it and the thrill of being on stage is amazing. I can express what I love doing as a character and I get to experience other peoples worlds.

What is your favourite subject and why?

Musical theatre because I get to do all of what I love doing in one class; singing, dancing and quite often acting through song.

How do you feel it has benefited you?

It has improved my dancing skills particularly along with everything else.

What do you want to do as a career?

I want to be an actor on stage and screen but specifically on screen as I’ve never experienced it before.

What do you love about coming to our Academy?

Getting to learn what I enjoy doing and mixing with other people that have similar interests.

I hope you enjoy reading these.


Thanks Finn for your words, we hope it inspires someone else to come along and start their performing journey!!

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