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You are invited to try Acro Dance


Our Acro Dance classes promote co-ordination and stamina and contain exercises to strengthen, extend and loosen the body and increase flexibility.   Acro Dance is an art form specifically designed for dancers. Acro has softer, more lyrical-looking lines than floor gymnastics, with emphasis on lengthening “through” the tricks and holding beautiful balances with interesting variations.


The focus is on seamlessly blending acrobatics with dance, and avoiding obvious preparations before each trick. With the added element of Acro, students can learn acrobatics to add into their dance routines, starting with simple stretches and balances working towards more advance moves and tumbling as they progress. 


We follow the Acrobatic Arts and BBO Acro Dancer syllabuses, are fully certified in teaching Acro dance and we are an official AcroPad centre so we can always offer the best to our students.

For all age groups, Mondays and Saturdays


What We

4 Week Paid Trial
All our classes have a 4 week trial, so that each student gets a good feel for the classes and the studio.


Mini Acro Dance
Pre-Primary Grade

(approximately Reception to Year 1) 

Saturdays 9:45 and Thursdays 4:00 pm

A half hour class full of fun, with jumping, rolling and dancing to your favourite music


Intermediate Acro Dance
Grade 2- 3 

(approximately Year 5 - Year 7)
Thursdays 6pm

Building on the technical skills, approaching new tumbles and tricks with more advance dance ability.  They will link all elements together for an impressive, stylish dance style.


Junior Acro Dance
Primary to Grade 1
(approximately Year 2 - Year 4) 

Saturdays 12pm and Thursdays 4:30pm

This hour class makes these students start to feel like proper dancers!  Building skills, balances and linking steps together to build strength and confidence.


Advanced Acro Dance
Grade 4 +

(approximately Year 8+ and by invitation)
Thursdays 7pm-8:30pm

Reaching grade 4 and above and increasing technical difficulty and skill.  At this stage they can also begin to look at vocational grades which are designed primarily for older children or young adults who are considering a career in professional dance,

Our girls started their dance classes when they were probably not even 4yrs old.. since then they expanded their interest in nearly every other class like acro, tap, musical theatre, acting, singing & they both love it 😍 If they could, they would do every one of them 😜.. they love their teachers but mainly they love to perform & found great friends there, not just their own age but either in younger or older kids. So definitely great time to spend, learn & interact 🤩👍xx
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