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You are invited to try Musical Theatre

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Using both the Trinity Musical Theatre syllabus and the BBO Musical Theatre Dance syllabus, our Musical Theatre Classes are about building confidence through acting through dance and acting through song - the Triple Threat! 


With a strong emphasis on dance techniques alongside developing their voice, diction, imagination, staging, and musicality. 

It has been developed to build the skills necessary to communicate the dramatic content of musical text over a range of musical styles. 


Limited class sizes ensure that each child gets the specific development and professional education they need to follow their dreams.

PeterPan Pirates

What We

4 Week Paid Trial
All our classes have a 4 week trial, so that each student gets a good feel for the classes and the studio.
Use the button below to head over to our registration page and select the day and time you would like your child's trial to be on and then follow the instructions and pop TRIAL in the notes.
f you want to start in the New Year, select the Winter 2024 Date Range and pop NEW YEAR TRIAL in the notes


Pre-Primary Grade

(approximately Reception to Year 1) 

Saturdays 9:45 and Thursdays 4:00 pm

A half hour class full of fun games, with an introduction to Musical Theatre dance and singing your favourite songs 


Intermediate - Grade 2- 3 

(approximately Year 5 - Year 7)
Thursdays 6pm

At intermediate level their dance level has increased and ability to sing and dance at the same time is challenges.  Focusing on an all round performance, incorporating all the basics they have learnt so far.  New students to Musical Theatre can also start from this level and with previous dance or singing experience.


Juniors - Primary to Grade 1
(approximately Year 2 - Year 4) 

Saturdays 12pm and Thursdays 4:30pm

This hour class focuses on simple dance steps and how to tell stories with our bodies and voices.  Using popular musicals, the students sing and dance their way through their class. 


Grade 4 +

(approximately Year 8+ and by invitation)
Thursdays 7pm-8:30pm

Reaching grade 4 and above and increasing technical difficulty and skill.  At this level, we look at a wide repertoire of dance and singing styles.  They will be able to put together a strong programme of pieces and linking them together with a story. 


Grades 6 - 8 have UCAS points available and we offer vocational grades which are designed primarily for older children or young adults who are considering a career in professional dance,

Our girls started their dance classes when they were probably not even 4yrs old.. since then they expanded their interest in nearly every other class like acro, tap, musical theatre, acting, singing & they both love it 😍 If they could, they would do every one of them 😜.. they love their teachers but mainly they love to perform & found great friends there, not just their own age but either in younger or older kids. So definitely great time to spend, learn & interact 🤩👍xx
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